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Application range of epoxy powder coatings

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Because the resin thermosetting Powder coating used for polymer with low degree of polymerization, low molecular weight, coating, good leveling property, has better decorative performance, and low molecular weight prepolymer and cured, macromolecular crosslinking can form a mesh, so the coating has good corrosion resistance and mechanical performance.

Thermosetting polyester Powder coating: thermosetting polyester Powder coating its unique properties in the weather resistance, UV resistance of optical rotation is better than epoxy resin. In addition to the polyester resin with polar groups, so the powder ratio of epoxy resin is high, yellow, not easy during the curing process of high gloss, good leveling, paint film, light color and other characteristics, so it has a very good decorative. Generally used in refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, instrument housings, bicycles, furniture and other fields.

Epoxy Powder coating is a kind of thermosetting Powder coating with corrosion resistance and toughness. It is used in the first place and is developed rapidly. The preparation of epoxy Powder coatings is the only way to use the international general purpose thermosetting Powder coatings, i.e., melt mixing extrusion.

Epoxy Powder coating is not suitable for bottom material due to its poor heat resistance, high curing temperature curing, up to 140 DEG C, and can be used for electric switch cabinet, electronic instrumentation, silicon metal boxes and other decorative maintenance, electrical insulation protection of motor rotor or copper, corrosion and rust proof, kitchen appliances, auto parts, ships and buildings materials, public equipment etc..