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Analysis of spray coating of aluminum powder coating

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Aluminum Powder coating is used in Powder coating process is the use of electrostatic spraying gun, the use of friction effect in accelerating effect of wind, carry a positive charge of the powder particles ejected from the gun body, and the profiles of contact with negative charge, electrostatic adsorption, and then through high temperature curing. It also enhances the adsorption strength of the coating, and the aluminum strip prevents the film from falling off.

At present commonly used three side Powder coatings in advertising for weatherable polyester Powder coating, polyester Powder coating with the most saturated, we usually according to the structure of the end groups can be divided into carboxyl and hydroxyl terminated two categories. When the aluminum powder spraying combined with heat transfer technology, which has a more fashion trend, the Powder coating profiles with greater development space.

The Powder coating spraying process is relatively simple, high rate of finished products, in general, if the proper measures, can maximize the control of nonconforming products; energy consumption decreased significantly, in the production process of anodic oxidation, ordinary electrophoretic coating, water and electricity consumption is large, aluminum processing industry especially in the oxidation process. The degree of pollution of water and air is reduced, no longer use protopine, liquid sulfuric acid and other organic solvents, reduce water and air pollution, but also effectively improve the aluminum and steel profiles as green products to the competitive strength, a corresponding reduction in the production cost; the labor intensity of the workers significantly reduced, due to the use of automated assembly line operation, industrial aluminum material and the use of fixture has been significantly simplified, improves production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity; surface quality of wool standard decreased obviously, improve the surface quality of aluminum products; and some physical indexes of aluminum film is obviously improved compared with other surface treatment film three, such as hardness, surface turning advertisement and abrasion resistance, acid resistance, can effectively prolong the service life of aluminum industry.