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Characteristics of polyurethane powder coatings

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Compared with other types of Powder coatings, polyurethane Powder coatings have the following characteristics:

The melt flow at low melt viscosity, especially the sealant has no chemical reaction in the Powder coating before releasing, there is enough time to film leveling, good leveling. The realization of the new technology of inner closed urea two ketone curing agent makes the pollution of Powder coating to air almost zero;

On the coated good adhesion, without priming;

The coating can be prepared a wide range of different performance requirements and the curing rate of coating;

The physical and mechanical properties of the coating and chemical properties.

But the curing of polyurethane powder paint, release sealant, odor.

Epoxy Powder coating is thermosetting Powder coatings developed in the earliest varieties, by epoxy resin, curing agent, special accelerant, leveling agent, fillers and other additives compounded accounted for a considerable proportion in the thermosetting Powder coating, its superior performance versatility. Widely used in all walks of life.

Thermosetting epoxy / polyester Powder coating with epoxy resin and carboxyl polyester resin as binder, pigments, fillers and other ingredients processed, it is the world's largest output, the most widely used varieties of Powder coatings.

Thermosetting polyurethane Powder coatings with hydroxyl polyester resin and aliphatic isocyanate curing agent as the base material, pigment, filler, additives and processing, coating is smooth, tough, with a strong decorative, both outdoor weatherability and corrosion resistance, is one of the best varieties of Powder coating weatherability at present.

Thermosetting polyester Powder coating is based on carboxyl polyester resin as the base material, curing agent, pigment, filler, additives, etc.. The product has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, as well as good outdoor weathering.