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Introduction of additives in powder coating production process.

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Powder coating color and colorful variety, color is also very much, a lot of people are clear about this, not the same color, about information artifacts are important, Powder coating production technology and additives is also very important.

1. The compatibility of Powder coating auxiliaries and resins.

This is the problem that should be paid attention to when choosing auxiliary agent, the assistant must be stable in the Powder coating for a long time, the ability plays its due function.Therefore, the general application of additives should be excellent compatibility with epoxy, polyester, acrylic and other resins.Then the compatibility of Powder coating additives and resins is generally compared, and the method is based on the similarity of their structure.

For example, the selection of a leveling agent can be divided into a carrier and a non-carrier.If the carrier has e-12, it cannot be used in the formulation of pure polyester system.In general, the B68 chemical extinction agent is only applicable to the system with epoxy, which is used for other systems, which not only loses its due function, but also negatively affects the coating.

2. The adaptability of Powder coating auxiliaries to the production process.

Some Powder coating additives in the formulation plan, due to more stringent production process conditions, may be the high temperature, the condition of low temperature, high speed shearing, etc, and then cause the differentiation of the Powder coating additives, evaporation and failure, led to the loss formula.Such as some markings Powder coating additives, cannot by extruder extrusion with makings, but after join the powder products, as long as such talent shows its stripes, because in the process of extrusion melt, speckle additives are reaction end in advance, cause no markings appear in the film.

3. The versatility of Powder coating additives in Powder coatings.

In addition to the main effect, some Powder coating additives have two or more layers.Therefore, when planning the formulation, it must be considered, such as dispensing amount or simplifying formulation.

, for example, zno is a kind of common chemicals, it can replace part of titanium dioxide as a white pigment, is bound to conductive together, antistatic or conductive occasions is applied to the demand, but also has the function of shielding ultraviolet (UV), especially in microns (240 ~ 380) the size of the UV light has better protective ability, it also has, of course, mouldproof, sterilization effect, improvement of containing carboxyl groups of the resin coating function, etc.Therefore, it is necessary to select a kind of auxiliary agent to understand its various functions.

Powder coating additives on the function of the Powder coating must influence, and after through some necessary process, which can find additives expression, show the effect is good.