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The global market demand for powder coatings is increasing. High temperature resistant powder coatings have the characteristics of no solvent, simple construction and high utilization rate. Silicone high temperature resistant powder coatings were first used in ovens in the United States in the 1980s. China has gradually become the world's major production base for cookers and ovens. The demand for high temperature resistant powder coatings in the Chinese market is also increasing. Linyi Dingsheng will briefly introduce the formulation design, problem handling and production process of high temperature resistant powder coatings for you, so that you can understand them. What properties should silicone powder coatings have? Unlike organic resins, silicone resins used with appropriate pigments and fillers should have excellent long-term heat resistance (200-650°c). In addition, for food contact applications, silicone resins should also comply with FDA 175.300andbgvv–xv. Good heat and cold alternation. By immersing the hot plate directly in cold water, the coating film will not be damaged. Formulation Design Selection of Base Material: Silicone resin is an indispensable base material for high temperature powder coatings. Silicone resin can be used alone as a base material or combined with polyester and epoxy resin to improve the high temperature resistance of the coating film. At the same time, high temperature resistant inorganic pigments and fillers and appropriate additives should also be selected in the formula. At present, the silicone resins used for high temperature powder coatings are mainly divided into the following two types: Methyl polysiloxane, which is characterized by: good hardness; good hydrophobicity; low surface energy, non-stick effect; - yellow resistance at high temperature Better; but poor miscibility with other organic resins. Phenyl polysiloxane, good miscibility; good flexibility; gloss retention, good color retention.